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Edwinswoolshack was set up by myself 4 years back, I still run the business on my own to ensure an excellent customer experience.

I started by buying yarn direct from one factory called Woolcraft, who I still deal with because they have a full range of yarn to cover every need.

I found that dealing directly with factories means I always have the latest ranges and at very competitive prices!

Founded in a pleasantly warm summer of 2013, our passion is simply sourcing, curating and creating the highest standard of choice, value and service to knitters and crocheters worldwide. And we really do love what we do.

I soon realised that I would need more products and so I started to look around for other factories I could do business with, I now have 4 factories I can offer wool from including Robin Wendy & James Brett, nevertheless there will be

more to come including Style Craft.

Edwinswoolshack is an online yarn shop; we stock only those yarns that we would be happy to use ourselves, I love supporting smaller yarn producers especially those from the UK but we also have some main stream brands too.

Providing that little bit more is what Edwinswoolshack is all about. I love connecting with my customers through social media or chatting over the telephone when help is needed, whether it is choosing the perfect yarn for a particular pattern

or putting elegant colours together.  

We are very proud to be an independent supplier. While this means we may not have the resources of our larger competitors, we continually reinvest back into the business, also we are gradually able to increase the range of yarns we offer, as and when the time, funds and space allow.

Everything in One Place


Again, unlike some of our larger competitors who have warehouses and offices in different parts of the country, everything we do is in one building. Everybody who picks up the phone, answers an email, responds to a message on Facebook, also works in the warehouse picking and packing yarn.


This means we’re all intimately acquainted with the products we sell, and there’s a very good chance that the person you speak to on the phone may be the very same person who packs and posts your order!

Hopefully this means that if something goes wrong (which at times it will – we’re human!), we should be able to fix it quickly – rather than just sending an email to a different department in a different part of the country and hoping it gets done!

Furthermore, I can now offer wool from a budget price to high value yarns including Alpaca Pure Merino and many more. We hope to be able to offer from February onward a full range of pure wool products including Mohair and Silk.

My aim is to offer the best range of wool at an affordable cost and to

look after my customers in a professional way.

We offer supplies in both Retail and wholesale as all our yarn is

factory supplied as there is never a middle man.

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